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Cruiser racer with winning gene

The era of the performance cruiser began 30 years ago with the Dehler 34. Today, the new Dehler 34 is the direct successor of this cult yacht. Discover the original performance cruiser in its modern form!

Exterior design

Dehler yachts blend dynamic performance, innovative engineering, and sleek, timeless aesthetics

Interior design

Dehler interiors merge elegant craftsmanship, versatile layouts, and advanced functionality for a luxurious and practical onboard experience.


The Dehler 34 allows you to customise her interior, ensuring comfort and functionality tailored to your specific needs. Whether you choose a standard spacious setup or a performance-oriented layout, each option maximises the use of space and is designed to enhance your sailing experience.

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The Dehler 34 embodies the perfect blend of innovation and tradition. This versatile yacht transforms seamlessly from a comfortable cruiser to a high-performance racer, adapting to every sailing style. With her advanced design and meticulous craftsmanship, the Dehler 34 delivers an unparalleled sailing experience, making every voyage a memorable adventure.

Andreas Unger - Product Manager

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