Performance Sailing

Our Philosophy

Established in 1963, Dehler was founded on a visionary spirit led by an enthusiast committed to redefining the sailing experience. Decades later, our philosophy remains steadfast, deeply anchored in a quest for the perfect union of speed and luxury. This mission is enabled by German engineering and a ceaseless pursuit of innovation. Each Dehler yacht exemplifies our unwavering commitment, serving as both a high-performance vessel and a sanctuary of comfort, demonstrating that cutting-edge technology and tradition can coexist harmoniously on the open water.

Regatta Ready

Unleashing the Speed Within

Our yachts rank as the fastest in their classes, capturing the essence of competitive sailing and the human desire to excel. The thrill, the sports gene, the raw power - these are the core tenets that drive our commitment to superior racing performance.

At Dehler, our core values of innovation, passion, and precision propel us to craft yachts that excel in high-performance sailing while offering unparalleled living comfort. They stand as the ultimate choice for ambitious sailors seeking the perfect blend of adventure and luxury. Every Dehler yacht embodies our unwavering commitment to excellence in design, quality, and the pursuit of the extraordinary.

Andreas Unger - Product Manager