Prepare to be swept away on a thrilling voyage as we rejoice in the 60-year saga of Dehler!

14 June 2023

Prepare to be swept away on a thrilling voyage as we rejoice in the 60-year saga of Dehler!

Hold fast and prepare to be swept away on a thrilling voyage as we rejoice in the 60-year saga of Dehler, the trailblazer that set the bar high in the realm of sailing. This epic journey is brimming with remarkable landmarks and pioneering breakthroughs that have forged Dehler into the esteemed brand it is today.

Dehler history

The Legend of Excellence

Cast your minds back to 1963, when Dehler first graced the world of sailing. From the outset, this audacious brand has reimagined the nautical world, obliterating boundaries, and overturning conventions. With a compass needle set firmly on the coordinates of quality, performance, and luxurious comfort, Dehler's magnificent yachts quickly charted their course to the heart of sailing enthusiasts worldwide. Sixty adventurous years have seen Dehler's vessels garner numerous prestigious accolades, including the coveted "European Yacht of the Year" award. But the highest tribute flows from the testimonials of countless customers who have anchored their trust and affection in Dehler.

Trailblazing Innovation

Dehler's long and illustrious journey is punctuated with momentous innovations. Through strategic alliances with esteemed designers and naval architects, Dehler launched revolutionary designs that changed the face of the sailing industry. From pioneering GRP hulls to integrating cutting-edge technology, Dehler has persistently challenged the elements, fashioning masterpieces that remain beloved classics in today's sailing landscape. Today, the Dehler fleet ranges from fast performance cruisers like the Dehler 30 One Design to the luxurious flagship, the Dehler 46 SQ.

A Thriving Community

Over these vibrant years, Dehler has proudly cultivated a spirited, passionate armada of sailors. This thriving group of owners and enthusiasts, bonded by a mutual love for Dehler, swaps tales, shares wisdom, and embarks on epic sailing adventures. Through lively gatherings, forums, and digital platforms, this community anchors the Dehler experience, fostering lifelong friendships and cultivating a profound sense of kinship.

Moments Etched in Time

Dehler yachts have been majestic vessels, bearing witness to countless unforgettable moments amid the sea's expansive serenity. From adrenaline-fueled races that quicken the pulse to challenging offshore expeditions that test the mettle, to serene family cruises that soothe the soul, Dehler owners have been part of unforgettable adventures aboard their cherished vessels. The brand's unfaltering commitment to fusing peak performance with unparalleled comfort has empowered seafarers to discover new frontiers and create enduring memories. Each Dehler yacht serves as both the compass and the canvas, guiding explorers towards novel horizons and capturing their unique maritime tales.

The Voyage Continues

Sixty years of Dehler symbolize more than a mere milestone; they stand as a tribute to a relentless quest for exceptional sailing journeys. From humble origins to esteemed status, Dehler has left an indelible wake in the sailing industry. So, on this grand occasion, let us hoist our sails high in homage to Dehler's legacy and the uncharted adventures that await us. Here's to navigating the next 60 exhilarating years in Dehler style!

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